Canada's Weather Forecast For November Says Some Regions Will Be 'Much Warmer Than Normal'

Other areas are in for seriously cold conditions.

​Downtown Calgary. Right: A forest in Ontario.

Downtown Calgary. Right: A forest in Ontario.

A new Canada weather forecast for November has been released, and it says parts of the country are in for winter-like weather, while others will see fall-like warmth.

The Weather Network has released a forecast for November in Canada that says that a pattern reversal seen by parts of the country in late October is likely to continue into the new month.

According to TWN, since October 20, temperatures in Western Canada have shifted from warmer-than-normal to colder-than-normal, and this is set to continue through early November.

The region is in for "shots of winter-like weather," with Calgary already getting hit with Canada's first major snowfall of the season.

Parts of Western Canada are also in for above-normal precipitation in November, with most of southern B.C., southern Alberta and parts of eastern Manitoba set to be affected.

Meanwhile, in Central and Atlantic Canada, November will be much different. According to TWN, "much warmer-than-normal" temperatures are in store for Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic provinces, with the weather feeling more like that of late September and early October.

However, this won't last long, as TWN expects that by mid-November, the cold weather in Western Canada will make its way to central parts of the country.

"We expect that the focus of the cold weather will remain across Western Canada and mild temperatures should make another appearance or two before winter finally settles in," it said.

In terms of rainy weather, Eastern Canada is expected to see fewer-than-normal storms in November and below-normal precipitation in most of the region.

Parts of Ontario and Quebec, however, are set to see above-normal precipitation, particularly in northern parts of the provinces.

Towards the end of the month, Canada is in for a pattern change, with the coldest weather set to spread across the centre of the country, including "much of Ontario" and western Quebec.

TWN warns that once this temperature flip occurs, it's expected that the cold weather will continue in these regions into early December, so make sure to take advantage of the last few days of warmth!

What is Canada's winter weather forecast?

Canada's winter weather forecast by the Old Farmer's Almanac released in August predicted an early start to the season, with "bouts of sneaky cold" across the country.

The Old Farmer's Almanac also said that "many Canadians will be hit by surprise shots of extra-deep cold."

It also predicts that several major snowstorms will hit southern Quebec and Atlantic Canada, with the first snowfall coming before the end of November.

The forecast says that southern parts of Alberta and Saskatchewan, along with most of B.C., will be cold and wet, while southern B.C. will be mild but snowy.

It also says that Manitoba and northern parts of Alberta and Saskatchewan are in for dry, cold weather.

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