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Canada’s Fall Forecast Predicts An Early Freeze & Excessive Rain In Some Western Provinces

It's going to be a messy one!

Staff Writer
Canada’s Fall Forecast Predicts An Early Freeze & Excessive Rain In Some Western Provinces

The Western provinces are going to be in for some unsettled weather in the weeks ahead according to Canada's fall forecast.

The Weather Network released their forecast on September 14, and when it comes to the West, everything from "excessive rain" to an "early-season freeze" is up ahead.

After experiencing historic heat and wildfires throughout the summer, B.C. residents can expect to see above-normal rainfall.

According to the report, there will be a typical number of fall storms in the province, but some systems could bring a risk of excessive rainfall at times.

Good news for the province though, near-normal temperatures are expected, with some southern areas even forecasted to be slightly warmer than normal. The milder temperatures are expected to continue through the fall, right into December.

Over in Alberta, the fall forecast isn't looking so bad with somewhat typical temperatures and precipitation expected.

As can happen in the province, there could be some cold weather early in the season with a risk for an early-season freeze, but on the bright side, the forecast expects that consistently cooler temperatures will be delayed with above normal temperatures anticipated for December.

It's a similar story for Saskatchewan and Manitoba, with the forecast calling for a risk of an early-season freeze and average levels of precipitation.

However, the temperatures could fluctuate a bit more in the two provinces, with alternating temperatures ranging from above normal to below normal through mid-September through December.

So be prepared because it could get a little dicey out there this fall!

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