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Here’s What The Weather Will Be Like Across Canada This Halloween

A massive blue moon will be on display — for those with clear skies. 🌚

The spookiest holiday of the year is almost here, and while it may look a little bit different in 2020, people will still want to know what the weather is going to be. Canada's Halloween forecast may differ depending on the region, but most places will be looking at a chilling evening as temperatures drop. Only one area is expected to have any temperatures above 10 degrees.

What that means is that if holiday activities are allowed in your region (they have been restricted in some areas), it'll be best to bundle up and be prepared for inclement weather.

If you can figure out a great costume that somehow ties in both a winter jacket and a mask (arctic surgeon?), then you're all set!

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On the west coast, Halloween is going to be far milder than anywhere else, with lots of sun and temperatures reaching up to 11 degrees during the day, and a clear night hanging on above freezing at three degrees.

The clear skies will give people a chance to take in the giant full moon that'll be out that night.


In Alberta's capital city, the holiday will be a bit cooler than Vancouver's at just a high of six during the day, but the sky will remain clear into a chillier night, with temperatures dropping to two below zero.


Moving further east in the prairies brings even colder temperatures, with Regina's Halloween daytime high sitting just above freezing before dropping to negative seven at night.


Residents of Manitoba's capital are in for a messy holiday, unfortunately. Environment Canada is calling for a mix of rain and snow during the day, with a chance of continued flurries in the evening.


Unfortunately for people who wanted a regular Halloween in Toronto, the city has been sent back to stage 2 restrictions and trick-or-treating has been discouraged.

Still, if you want to spend any time outdoors in a responsible way, it'll be a clear night with a relatively milder temperature of six degrees in the evening.


The nation's capital, which has also seen its reopening scaled back to a modified stage 2, is set to be a bit colder than Toronto, with only a daytime high of two degrees, which will then dip down to zero as the sun sets.


Moving into Quebec, Montreal will have a brisk but clear Halloween day. However, things may get more cloudy in the evening as the temperature falls, making for a potentially spookier atmosphere.


Out on the east coast, Halifax will see a mix of sun and cloud during the day with a chilly high of just three degrees. As night falls, that will plummet to somewhere around negative four.

St. John's

Halloween on the Rock is going to be a messy one. During the day, residents of St. John's may get a mix of rain and snow, which could result in some pretty messy Halloween activities. Things will clear up at night, but temperatures will be dropping below zero.