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The Magical CP Holiday Train Is Back & Coming To A Town Near You Soon

Move over, Polar Express. 🚂🎄

The CP Holiday Train covered in lights and decorations.

The CP Holiday Train covered in lights and decorations.

Decked out in Christmas lights and decor, this train is spreading holiday cheer across North America.

The CP Holiday Train is back for the first time in three years, continuing its efforts to raise money, food and awareness for local food banks across its network.

Starting on the East Coast and moving west, Christmas concerts will be showcased at each stop, with a variety of Canadian and First Nations artists performing out of lit-up boxcars.

You can expect live shows from Tenille Townes, Mackenzie Porter, and Alan Doyle of Great Big Sea fame, among many others. Check the star-studded schedule here to see who’ll be performing at your stop.

The concerts will feature holiday tunes, old and new, as well as original songs from the performers.

Where will the CP Holiday Train stop?

CP Holiday Train stops across Canada and the U.S.

CP Holiday Train stops across Canada and the U.S.

CP Holiday Train

The train will pull into a designated spot along the CP rail lines, as detailed on the official schedule, where spectators can gather and enjoy the festivities.

For the first time ever, the train will begin its voyage in Maine, U.S., on November 23, before making its first Canadian stops in Quebec on November 24.

The tour is set to have an impressive 168 stops across Canada and the U.S., including Toronto on November 29, Winnipeg on December 3, and Calgary on December 11, before the finale in Port Coquitlam, B.C., on December 18th. You can find the stop nearest you here.

There is also a U.S. Holiday Train route, beginning in Montreal and tracking along the northeastern and midwest states before the final show in Weyburn, Saskatchewan, on December 18.

What is the CP Holiday Train's charitable cause?

CP is once again raising money and resources for food support programs in communities along its network, both in Canada and the U.S.

The Holiday Train shows are free for all, though CP encourages attendees to bring nonperishable food or cash donations to support the cause. All of the donations made at each stop will go directly towards food banks in that community.

So far, the train has raised $21 million and collected 5 million pounds of food since its first voyage in 1999.

"The Holiday Train is all about families and communities coming together to celebrate the season and help those in need,” said CP’s President and CEO Keith Creel.

CP Holiday Train 2022

Price: Free, though nonperishable food and/or cash donations are encouraged.

When: Running from November 22 to December 18.

Location: Various stops across Canada and the northern U.S., find the schedule here.

Why You Need To Go: Get in the holiday spirit with a unique Christmas concert out in the snow.


This article has been updated since it was originally published on October 16, 2019.

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