Have you run out of things to watch on Netflix? If so, these Canadian Twitch streamers are sure to keep you entertained.

You don't need to be the next Pokimane, Ninja or Shroud to join the streaming platform. Even Jagmeet Singh joined to play Among Us.

Despite what you might think, Twitch isn't just for watching people play video games

It covers a vast range of topics from cooking, art, music, podcasts, and crafts. Best of all, you can chat with the streamer, making it a highly entertaining experience.

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Why You Need To Watch Them: This Toronto musician streams three times a week, where she plays covers and original songs. If there is a song you want to hear to brighten your day, you can even make requests.



Why You Need To Watch Them: She is an upbeat and hilarious streamer who plays games like Fortnite and Spyro Reignited Trilogy.



Why You Need To Watch Them: If you've been curious about learning more about Dungeons and Dragons after watching Stranger Things, you should check out this Toronto variety streamer.



Why You Need To Watch Them: Alinity is from Saskatoon and has 1.3 million follows who join in as she chats and plays video games like Apex Legends and Cyberpunk 2077.



Why You Need To Watch Them: If you love playing Animal Crossing, you can chat with this Vancouver streamer as she improves her in-game island.



Why You Need To Watch Them: Ottawa's HiveQueen is an upbeat person who plays a diverse range of games, including survival horror Dead by Daylight and massively multiplayer like World Of Warcraft.



Why You Need To Watch Them: If you loved The Queen's Gambit, you should check out akaNemsko. This Toronto streamer will dazzle you with her incredible chess skills.



Why You Need To Watch Them: Quebec City's MissHarvey is a Counter-Strike pro, and you can often see her adorable dog Loky on her stream.



Why You Need To Watch Them: Not sure what video game to play next? Calgary local, MissTobeyKai will chat with you as she plays all sorts of role-playing games or first-person shooters.