We Rounded Up The Cheapest Travel Destinations For Canadians To Fly To This Summer

A low-cost summer trip? Yes please!

​Catalina Beach in the Dominican Republic.

Catalina Beach in the Dominican Republic.

If you're thinking about booking a vacation over the next few months, there are tons of cheap travel destinations Canadians can head to this summer.

There are Cheap flights available to so many international destinations including the U.S., Caribbean, and Europe from Canada with fares that won't break the bank.

Using Skyscanner, Canadians can easily look for destinations with the cheapest flights from Canada. The travel platform's Everywhere Search tool allows you to see the flights with the lowest prices from Canada to multiple countries over June, July and August.

The tool makes it easy to see which destinations offer the most bang for your buck this season, with the prices shown for round-trip flights.

Using flight information from Skyscanner, we've highlighted some of the cheapest travel destinations for Canadians this season.

Here are 11 international destinations with great deals that you can book right now, with prices shown as round-trip.

United States

Details: Fancy a quick trip south of the border? Whether you're looking for a cityscape or a beach vacation, there are tons of options for cheap flights to the U.S. available this summer.

In June, flights from Canada to Nashville start at just $156, with similar prices for trips to Los Angeles ($160) and Las Vegas ($174).

If you're looking for cities with spectacular beaches, flights to Orlando and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Palm Springs, California, can also be found for less than $235 roundtrip.

If you're looking for culture and concrete jungles, there are also trips to New York City and San Francisco for as low as $208 and $230, respectively, in June and July.

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Details: A popular spot for Canucks, Mexico offers white sand beaches, turquoise blue waters and unique cultural attractions.

Canadians can find cheap deals to Mexico all summer long, with June offering the lowest prices on flights.

During the month, flights from Canada to Mexico are available to San Jose Cabo starting at $248, Cancun from $270, Puerto Vallarta from $373, and Mexico City from $434.

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Dominican Republic

Details: With stunning beaches and incredible colours and scenery, the Dominican Republic is an ideal summer vacation spot, especially if you're into a mix of relaxing coasts and vibrant culture.

Canadians can get a sweet deal on flights to the Dominican Republic this summer, with the cheapest flight tickets available in June.

For instance, travellers can head to Punta Cana for as low as $313 in June. Known as a top spot for beach seekers, Punta Cana offers roughly 64 kilometres of coastline with a range of pristine beaches with azure water.

Other destinations with cheap fares include the popular tourist spot of Puerto Plata and Santo Domingo.

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Details: With around 330 days of sunshine per year and hundreds of kilometres of white sand beaches, Cuba is the perfect place for a relaxing getaway.

This summer, Canadians can get flights to the country for as low as $297. In June, flights are available to Varadero starting at $297, to Havana starting at $514, and to Holgiun starting at $593, and you can find similar pricing for flights in July and August.

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Details: In the Bahamas, you'll find some of the most vibrant turquoise waters in the world. The country is made up of 700 pristine islands and cays each with stunning beaches and crystal clear water.

This summer, Canadians can get flights to the Bahamas for as low as $354, with cheap flights available to the capital of Nassau and Georgetown in June, July and August.

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Details: If exploring black-sand beaches, volcanoes, and geothermal lagoons sounds like your ideal summer, a trip to Iceland may be the perfect vacation.

Right now, trips from Canada to the capital, Reykjavik, can be found for as low as $686. Here, you can discover geothermal beaches, learn about Viking history, and see some incredible natural gems.

While low-cost flights are available all summer long, the cheapest flights to Iceland from Canada can be found in August.

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Costa Rica

Details: Whether you want a relaxing vacation or an action-packed getaway, Costa Rica's unique natural landscape offers something for everyone.

With incredible white and black sand beaches, 29 national parks and plenty of wildlife sanctuaries and biological reserves, there's tons to see and do in the Caribbean country.

This summer, Canadians can find low-cost flights to Costa Rica throughout June, July and August, with cheap trips available to Liberia and San Jose.

Prices start at $506 for flights to Liberia in June and $524 to San Jose.

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Details: With beaches, jungles, islands and more, there's so much to see in Belize.

Those who are into adventure travel will love the Central American country's many opportunities for hiking, kayaking, horseback riding, sailing, snorkelling and cave tubing.

However, if you're after a more relaxed vacay, the country offers tons of golden and white-sand beaches just a boat ride away from Belize City.

Flights to Belize from Canada start at as low as $606 this summer, with the best deals to Belize City available in August. However, flights are also available in June and July for a bit more.

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Details: Nestled between Spain and the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal offers a diverse culture and unique landscape, with incredible natural wonders, beaches and cityscapes to explore.

No wonder it's often a top travel spot — in fact, according to Skyscanner, Lisbon (Portugal's capital city) is one of the top destinations for Canadians in 2023.

Thankfully, Canucks can get a great price on flights to the country this summer, with the lowest fare ringing up at $657.

While the lowest flight prices can be found in June, fares under $1,000 can still be found in July and August as well.

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Details: France is home to iconic landmarks, delicious food and incredible art and culture, and if a trip to the country is on your travel bucket list, this summer may be the time to go!

In June, Canadians can find roundtrip flights to France starting at $785, with trips available to the southern city of Marseille, Toulouse, Lyon and the must-visit Paris, among other spots.

While deals on flights to the City of Love can be found all summer long, the best deals can be found in June and August, when roundtrip flights to Paris start at $848 and $787, respectively.

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If you want to maximize your chances of scoring a great deal, you can also use Skyscanner's 2023 Savings Generator, which allows you to plug in your departure city, your month of travel and your destination to find out the best time to book and the cheapest day to travel.

Bon voyage!

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