A TikToker Shared The Best Sites For Finding Cheap Flights In Canada & They're Game Changers

A round trip flight to Italy for $178? Yes please! 🤩

​Dani of richauntyloading on TikTok.

Dani of richauntyloading on TikTok.

If you're looking for new places to get flight deals in Canada, a TikToker has shared a number of cheap travel sites that she says she uses to get a discount on airfare.

Dani, aka @richauntyloading on TikTok, shared five sites she uses to book cheap flights from Canada, and they're total game changers.

"In this economy, I refuse to pay full price for flights," she begins in a clip on her page. "Here are the five sites that I use to find cheap flights leaving from Canadian cities."

The first site Dani mentions is Next Departure, a website that shows Canadians travel deals that are "unusually low in price."

"I love this so much," she says of the travel site. "I flew to Rome, Italy, last year for $178 Canadian dollars round trip."

As she notes in the clip, Next Departure is free to use on their base plan, and you can join their Facebook group, sign up for their emails and download their app to stay informed of flight deals.

According to the company's website, the deals they find save travellers at least 40% on average prices. Some wildly good deals they've found in the past include a trip from Ottawa, Ontario, to Maui, Hawaii, for just $205, and Montreal to Paris, France, for just $265.

Next, Dani mentioned Secret Flying, a site that finds you "the cheapest flight deals online."

"They have an email list and you'll get emails like the one below," Dani says, showing an email alerting the recipient of cheap flights from Toronto to Geneva, Switzerland.

Secret Flying says it acts like a "friend in the travel business," who knows about the cheapest deals and tells you where to get them.

The company constantly searches for super cheap flights which it then shares on its website. It also says it's known to be the best at finding "error fares," which is when "airlines accidentally price a flight way too cheap."

The site says it can help travellers save up to 90% on the cost of travel.

Dani notes that Secret Flying also has a Facebook group and that users can customize the deals they're shown by changing their departure city.

"There's also YYZ Deals," she continues. YYZ Deals is a site that helps "millions of Canadians spot and book truly amazing travel deals," and has a Facebook group that claims to be Canada's largest Facebook group for the discussion of travel.

Dani notes that they also have an email list, which, according to the site, only sends out alerts when there are "truly amazing" travel deals.


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The next travel site she mentions is Flytrippers, saying that she "mostly just [uses] their Facebook group."

Flytrippers, which shares cheap flight deals for Canadians, makes it easy for users to see dates for each deal and also gives them a direct link to book.

In addition to flight deals, Flytrippers also shares travel hacks and advice, like how to use travel rewards to get low airfare, local travel tips, and more.

"Finally, we have Google Flights for when you want to do your own DIY searching," says Dani.

One of the more well-known sites, Google Flights is said to be one of the best options when booking travel directly from the airline.

The site also easily allows you to customize your search and filter by destination, airline, airport and even the number of checked bags.

"I like it because it'll tell you when your flights are priced higher than usual and [...] will actually show you the cheapest days to fly," Dani says in the clip.

The video was definitely well received, with tons of comments praising the travel tips.

If you want to travel this year and be able to do so for cheap, it sounds like all that's left to do is sign up and sit back as the deals roll in.

Happy landing!

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Katherine Caspersz
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