There’s A Bar Hidden Behind An "Out Of Order" Laundry Machine At This Texas Laundromat

You don't actually have to do your laundry here!

Texas Staff Writer
The inside of a laundromat. Right: A woman looking in a laundry machine.

The inside of a laundromat. Right: A woman looking in a laundry machine.

It may look like a normal laundromat from the outside but step inside and you can tell no laundry actually gets done here at this laundromat in Forth Worth, Texas. Look for the one washing machine labeled "Out Of Order," pull the door open, and you're off to the right place, an actual bar.

That's right. Dirty Laundry is a secret speakeasy that's all about everyone's least favorite chore. Don't fret, they make it fun. It's all play and no work from the minute you walk through the fake industrial washer.

Editor's note: This article’s cover image was used for illustrative purposes to maintain the location's secrecy.

Entering, you're immediately greeted by a wall of t-shirts, nightgowns, underwear, jeans, and all sorts of laundry keeping true to the bar's theme.

Beyond that wall, the lighting suddenly darkens, the music gets louder, and that cozy feeling of an intimate 1920s speakeasy starts coming through.

Don't forget to greet the mighty mascot on the wall, Bubbles Bill, a taxidermied buffalo head who looks like he went rummaging through dome dirty clothes. Naughty!

The "laundry list" or menu, rather, is full of yummy laundry-themed cocktails, including an Absolut-ly Filthy Martini, and their take on an Old Fashioned cleverly called the Fluff 'N Fold because a fluff of cotton candy is added to the cocktail.

This speakeasy cocktail lounge is brand new near the popular 7th street in Forth Worth's entertainment district and offers the only kind of laundry day anyone wants to have.

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Brittany Cristiano
Texas Staff Writer
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