The US' Happiest Cities Were Ranked & Californians Might Just Be Happier Than Texans

Two Texas cities made the top 10, whereas Cali had six!

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A woman in a denim blue jacket. Right: Palm trees surrounded by buildings in San Jose, CA.

A woman in a denim blue jacket. Right: Palm trees surrounded by buildings in San Jose, CA.

A recent study found two Texas cities to have some of the happiest people in the United States. However, California still seems happier, with six cities in the top ten.

The financial technology company known as SmartAsset recently conducted some research to establish "where Americans are happiest," and Sunnyvale, CA, got the number one spot, while Frisco (No. 5) and Plano (No. 6) in Texas weren't too far behind in the ranks.

The rankings were based on data from 200 large U.S. cities in categories such as quality of life, personal finances, and the well-being of citizens.

Frisco, a Dallas suburb, earned such a high ranking due to the high marriage rates and the low rate of citizens living in poverty. Despite the DFW area being infamously ranked in other studies as one of the few areas in the US with a raging infidelity problem, this city ranked first in happy marriages.

Plano, its neighboring ranking city, is another D-town suburb that earned its spot for low crime levels and a high marriage rate — I guess we now know where those Dallas cheaters aren't living!

Although a whopping two Lone Star State places ranked high, it was the Golden State that proved Californians might be happier than Texans.

Other Cali towns included in the top ten are basically in the Silicon Valley, with Fremont (No. 4), Roseville (No. 7), San Jose (No. 8), Santa Clarita (No. 9), and Irvine (No. 10) all in the top 10.

This makes us wonder, if all you Californians are so happy, why are so many of y'all moving to Texas?

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Texas Staff Writer
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