This 26-Year-Old TikToker Has A Dream Job For The MLB & People Are Jealous

TikTok users really want to know how she got there.

Monica Bradburn in a TikTok at a Detroit Lions game. Right: Bradburn fist bumping Detroit Tigers Pitcher Andrew Chafin in a TikTok.
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Monica Bradburn in a TikTok at a Detroit Lions game. Right: Bradburn fist bumping Detroit Tigers Pitcher Andrew Chafin in a TikTok.

A Major League Baseball (MLB) photographer gives viewers a front-row seat to fans' favorite players on TikTok. Creator Monica Bradburn films her day-to-day and shows an exclusive look at her job along with some of baseball's most well-known players.

Bradburn works for the Detroit Tigers and is also a live content creator for the team. She makes videos that show a unique glimpse at the athletes behind the scenes when they are not in game mode.

The 26-year-old's popular series shows her taking pictures of the players as well as their opponents. It's typically captioned: "Photograph the [away team] VS Detroit Tigers With Me".

You can see competitors on both teams warming up before games and having small talk with the camera professional.


the date is 09-10-21 B.R.W. (before red wings) 📸 #mlb #tampabayrays #tigers #baseball #fyp #foryou @tigers @TAMPA BAY RAYS

Recently, she's been bringing viewers with her as she shoots the team arriving at the locker room. The baseball stars are usually seen with Starbucks or laundry in hand — a stark difference from the seriousness shown on the field.

The photographer typically shares nice interactions with each player and some even joke around with her; like the All-Star first baseman Miguel Cabrera who is always happy to give her a high-five.


team photo & miggy day ⚾️ @tigers @royals #mlb #fyp #baseball #sportsphotographer

These videos have been reaching over a million views and receiving different comments from fans saying how cool her job is and wondering how she landed a spot in the dugout.

She once shared her career journey on the app, which started by interning for the Arizona Diamondbacks. She later asked the MLB if the Michigan team had any openings for her line of work, though they had her shoot content for the annual Arizona Fall League for the association instead.


the boys are back #detroittigers #baseball #fyp #foryou #openingday2022 @tigers

She persisted in asking about working for the Detroit team and was eventually rewarded with the position she has now.

Bradburn's content is loved by baseball admirers who aren't even Tigers fans. Even some of the athlete's partners have shown the viral TikToks to their husbands, like Austin Meadows', Andrew Chafin's and Traik Skabuls' wives, and they love it.

Brittany Cristiano
Texas Staff Writer
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