People On TikTok Love This 'Hot Boss' & He Quit Managing A Store To Do OnlyFans Full-Time

He got real about what he charges! 💰

Rhylan Streloff. Right: Rhylan Streloff.

Rhylan Streloff. Right: Rhylan Streloff.

Rhylan Streloff was a store manager, before his employee made him a TikTok sensation, dubbing him the "Hot Boss."

From there he skyrocketed to viral fame and now earns "well above" $25,000 every month, just on OnlyFans. Streloff told Narcity all about how he made it big on the platform and got real about what he earns.

Streloff is based in Edmonton and said he actually hated the now famous "Hot Boss" TikTok videos when they first went viral in 2020. If you haven't seen them, the employee at the store Streloff ran in B.C. would play sexy music as he walked into the room.


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Shortly after the TikToks were posted, people on the app were commenting on how "hot" Streloff is.

"Seriously he's so hot," one person said.

"I feel like that music should follow you where ever you go," another person added.

"I wouldn't mind going to work everyday if my boss looked like that," a TikToker said.

After gaining a huge 2.1 million followers on TikTok in eight months, Streloff said that he turned to OnlyFans in the summer of 2021 because he was broke.

"I was not making a lot of money. It was all going back into the business. My kids live here [Edmonton] and I honestly didn't have gas money to go see them," he explained.

So he ran the numbers on how much money he could make on OnlyFans if a percentage of his following signed up.

"I couldn't say no," Streloff said.

Since channelling his time into OnlyFans, Streloff said he's set a monthly goal of earning $20,000 US ($25,862 CAD), and despite the fact OnlyFans takes 20% of what its creators make, he's been "well above that every month."

There's a monthly subscription to see his content, but according to Streloff, the money that he earns from private messages to fans is far more significant.

Streloff said wouldn't send a private message to a fan for less than $25 but realistically, they would likely need to pay between $50 and $100 for private messages or specific requests.

"It's a weird thing because there's part of you that doesn't want to be greedy. But also if you want to make money, you've got to tease people," Streloff explained,

"When I started to give away too much on my feed, my revenue from my private messages plummeted. So you have to tease people on there and then they'll pay the big bucks," he said.

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