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People In Alberta Are Comparing How Much They Spend On Groceries & There Are Huge Differences

It can be more than some people’s mortgages! 🤢

Calgary Staff Writer
People In Alberta Are Comparing How Much They Spend On Groceries & There Are Huge Differences

Sometimes when you head to the grocery store and fill up your cart, it can be a complete shock when you get to the checkout and find out just how much all that food costs.

In fact, according to the January 2022 Consumer Price Index, Canadian shoppers paid 6.5% more for groceries in January 2022 than in the previous month, the largest increase since May 2009.

Now, one Reddit user took to the site to ask Albertans to share the average amount they spend on groceries — and it's a lot.

One user claimed to spend between $1,200 to 1,500 a month on groceries for two adults, two kids, and two dogs.

Another said they pay even more. "Family of five that eats well and loves to cook. $1,500-$2,000 now. The cost of groceries is so gross lately," they said.

"Jeezus. That's more than my mortgage," a user responded.

One discussed how expensive fruits and vegetables are. "I should note that we have two little kids (4-6) and they eat a lot of fruit and vegetables (their choice), so we spend probably $100 a week on that alone," the user said. Another agreed: "Same... maybe more lately... inflation sucks!"

Another Reddit user highlighted how expensive food is for specific allergies too.

"Two people we used to spend under $400, now with a child we spend like $500 to $600. But kiddo has allergies and the alternative foods he eats are very expensive," the user complained.

Another posted, "Two adults, and a 65 lbs dog, we spend on average $500 to $600 per month at the grocery store."

One user, who said they spend $450 per month to feed two people, handily gave other commenters some tips on where and how they shop in order to save money. They said the key was "lots of stock meals like Chili and stews/soups."

They added they shop for "meats at NoFrills on the sale days/wholesale club, fruits and vegetables at H&W Produce and eggs, milk and cheese at Costco."

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