A Calgary Mom Shared How Her Family Saved $600 A Month On Groceries & It's Super Easy

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A Calgary Mom Shared How Her Family Saved $600 A Month On Groceries & It's Super Easy

A Calgary mom has shared her secrets to saving up to $600 a month on groceries for her family of four.

Heather Friesen told CBC that her family used to spend around $1,000 a month, mainly due to buying gluten-free foods for her nine-year-old son who has food allergies.

But now, she said her monthly grocery bill is down to $400 a month after she started using an app called Flashfood.

The Flashfood app allows savvy shoppers to search for deals of up to 50% on items that are about to expire. People can also set up alerts on their phones to tell them when certain deals are available. Get an extra $5 credit on your first purchase of $10 or more by using the code JUST3AEVH.


You search for grocery stores near to your location, place your order and then pick it up when you'd like.

The app is available in each Canadian province and Friesen told CBC she and her family "eat a lot better than we used to with a lot more meat and a lot more fruits and vegetables."

She said the app has helped them get rid of their debts and they are now working towards paying for projects around the house.

Higher food prices across Canada are making some items much more expensive.

In October, meat had increased in price by 6.9% between August 2020 and August 2021. Bacon and ham went up even more, by 10.9%.

Bacon was priced at an average of $8.24 per 500 grams, which is the most expensive that food item has ever been, according to CTV.

Other items which have surged in price are homogenized milk, butter, apples and instant coffee.

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