Working in an office is so 2019. Why wouldn’t you want to work from home in your sweat pants? There are tons of remote positions in Alberta that are hiring right now and we needed to share them with you. Each of these jobs are high paying so time to spruce up your resume.

We did a little digging around and found several jobs around Alberta that are hiring right now. 

While each of these positions is different, they all offer the same thing: amazing benefits and pay with the ability to work remotely. 

Take it easy and take off the suit jacket. Working from your lounge clothes is possible and not entirely difficult.

After you’re done updating your resume and applying for all these wonderful positions, start setting up your in-home office. 

A little sunlight, a plant, and a neat and tidy computer desk go a long way to ensure your work from home is successful. 

Private Equity Associate 

Salary: $85,000 - $150,000

Company: GoodCapital

Why You Should Apply: This investment firm is looking to grow their already expanding company. While the position is based in Calgary, remote work is being considered for the right person. Maybe that’s you.

Apply Here


Freelance Resume Writers 

Salary: $3,400 a month 

Company: Talent Inc. 

Why You Should Apply: As a freelance writer, you'll be helping thousands of job seekers land their dream job all while getting paid to do it. You’ll need strong communication skills and being familiar with business terminology is a must.  

Apply Here


Back End Developer 

Salary: $100,000 - $150,000

Company: Sonar Software 

Why You Should Apply: If computers have always been your thing then this may be the job for you. Not only will you work from home but the working hours are flexible. Being self-motivated is a must along with having a clear idea of what makes a good backend developer.

Apply Here


IM/IT Technicians 

Salary: $56,907 - $73,333

Company: National Defence

Why You Should Apply: This company is looking for two lucky and knowledgeable people to add to their team. You’ll need to have previous experience resolving technical problems with Microsoft so this is when all your computer skills come in handy. 

Apply Here


Direct, Analytics Implementation & Data Integrity 

Salary: $90,000 - $140,696 

Company: Canada One Auto Group 

Why You Should Apply: You’ll need client management skills and knowledge on Adobe and Google analytics for this job. Problem-solving is a must as crisis management will be your forte. Hope you’re up for a challenge. 

Apply Here


Relocation Specialist

Salary: $200 - $275 a day 

Company: WelcomeHome Relocations 

Why You Should Apply: Due to COVID-19, this job is completely working from home. You’ll need extensive knowledge of Grand Prairie and exceptional communication skills. While you'll work independently, you’ll still need to take instruction from your team as you relocate executive employees in the area.  

Apply Here


React Frontend Developer 

Salary: $65,000 

Company: Business Infusions Inc. 

Why You Should Apply: You’ll be working for a leading Veterinary Practice Management Software company as a developer. While it's a work from home job, they’re prioritizing candidates already located in Calgary. 

Apply Here




Collections Officer 

Salary: $40,000

Company:iA Auto Finance/ iA Financement Auto

Why You Should Apply: Calling everyone with strong negotiation skills. You’ll be in charge of maximizing return on auto loans so chatting with people needs to be a strong suit. Not only will you work from home but you’ll also have tons of benefits including paid time off, dental, and full access to their wellness program. 

Apply Here



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