A new toonie that honours the end of the Second World War is so captivating that it has left many wondering, where can you get Canada’s new $2 coin

Narcity spoke with a rep at the Canadian Mint who said "that general circulation coins are starting to enter circulation, so as banks and businesses require new $2 coins, those will start to enter the market place," and we'll start to find them in our change soon.

Exactly when you can find one of the three million new coins in your wallet depends on the demand for toonies, but if you can't wait, then you're in luck.

You can buy commemorative versions that have not exchanged hands before directly from the mint starting from $23.

They come in both coloured and uncoloured versions and with their "V" for victory to commemorates the allies that brought the Second World War to an end, it's an inspiring and patriotic addition to any wallet.

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