You may want to slow down if you're driving in the city because there are tons of new photo radar locations in Calgary.

In a release sent to Narcity by the Calgary police, photo radar will be set up on Crowchild Trail, Glenmore Trail, Deerfoot Trail, Macleod Trail, Sarcee Trail, and Stoney Trail. 

Within the email, the Calgary police clarified that they'll be focusing on over 20 communities, all of which have been posted online.

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In addition to the photo radar, there are already 55 Intersection Saftey Camera locations in the city of Calgary. 

These cameras are able to photograph vehicles entering intersections and take into account amount all movements including red light infractions.

In Calgary, if you’re caught going over 50 km/h, you’ll be asked to appear before a judge. 

A full list of green and red light cameras has been posted online as well.

Speed has been ongoingly debated in Calgary and the city's council is even considering dropping speed limits within residential areas to as low as 30 km/h. 

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