A 6ix bar appears to be getting a lot of support after having its liquor license revoked last week. Post-It notes shaping out a heart can be seen on the door front at Toronto's Goldie bar showing solidarity and support for the venue after recent events. Photos have been shared onto social media of what's written on some of the notes.

Goldie was the talk of the town after it hosted a secret indoor party with up to 150 people last week.

Toronto Police's investigation soon led to the bar having its liquor license suspended.

Even Premier Doug Ford called out the venue out, saying on Friday, July 3: “Just imagine. All it takes is just one person in that bar out of 150, gives it to another, gives it to another, and it’s just rapid-fire,” via CTV News.

But it seems that after being charged and having its license removed for contravening an emergency order, people are still showing their support by apparently posting notes on the front door of the bar.

In a photo posted to Reddit, the notes surround a bright yellow "suspended" sign. A close study of the snap reveals that some pretty strong messages, to say the least.

"Snitches get stitches" and "how about letting businesses make money so they can SURVIVE?" read two of the notes.

Others add messages like "Doug Ford is a stupid puppet" and a notable "KAREN CULTURE STRIKES AGAIN." 

The origin of the notes is unconfirmed at this point. Narcity has reached out to Goldie for comment.

However, some people on social media are pretty sceptical. Many suspect foul play due to what they perceive as oddly similar handwriting shared by several of the notes, as well as the same colour Post-It notes being used.

"Love the attempt at making it look like more than one person," reads one tweet. 

"COMING SOON: anti-goldie graffiti on their window in the exact same handwriting," reads another.


Meanwhile, the backlash Goldie has received has been enough for shareholder Michele Romanow.

The Dragons' Den star announced she's selling her shares in a statement on Twitter, saying she would never condone this type of behaviour.

"As an investor, I strive to find people and businesses to invest in that are aligned with my values. Given the events that have been widely reported, Goldies no longer meets this criteria," reads part of Romanow's post.

Although Romanow has walked away, at face value, it appears the bar still has a lot of support within Toronto.

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