Even though Justin Trudeau's teacher days are behind him, they are what makes him love this certain type of meeting that he does as prime minister.

While addressing Canadians on January 5, he shared that he'll be joining a virtual classroom later in the day.

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As a former teacher, these classroom meetings are among my favourites.

Justin Trudeau

Trudeau will be dropping into an online class with grade six students who attend Victoria School of the Arts in Edmonton.

"These classroom meetings are among my favourites," Trudeau said.

That's because the PM used to work as a teacher before he entered politics and eventually became the prime minister.

After he graduated from university, Trudeau taught a bunch of subjects — including math, French and the humanities — at schools in Vancouver.

He also taught drama during his time as an educator, so it's fitting that he's virtually visiting an arts school.

He's even previously shared a photo of himself from back when he was a teacher if you want to see what he looked like as Mr. Trudeau.

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