Newlyweds Cathryn and Michael met each other by chance on a Southwest Airlines flight and struck up a conversation. The rest is history.

On a 5 a.m. flight in 2018, Cathryn boarded her plane and took the aisle seat next to a handsome stranger in an exit row.

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We wish Cathlyn and Michael a lifetime of love and happiness.

Southwest Airlines

Before long, a pastor visiting from India sat between them and the three chatted with each other for the whole flight. 

By the end of their journey, Cathryn exchanged numbers with the handsome stranger — Michael — and they parted ways. 

But, both of them had a feeling about the other, and each texted their families that they had found "the one". 

A week later, Cathryn and Michael went on their first date, and a year after that, he popped the question inside the cabin of a Southwest plane.

The couple's wedding was complete with a Southwest Airlines exit row photo booth and guests left with Southwest wedding favors as an homage to the company that brought them together.

And, remember that pastor who sat between them on that first flight? Well, Cathryn and Michael kept in touch with him and he ended up officiating their wedding. 


"We are honored to have played a role in bringing love together at 35,000 feet," Brendan Reid at Southwest Airlines shared with Narcity.

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