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A Fan Threw Tim Hortons To A Canadian Olympian During A Race & Her Response Deserves a Medal

Name a more Canadian race fuel.

Alison Jackson eating Timbits. Right: Jackson dancing with donuts on her fingers.

Alison Jackson eating Timbits. Right: Jackson dancing with donuts on her fingers.


Canada has some of the top athletes in the world, working at the highest echelons of their sport, but one thing that unites them is their need for a refuel. And what better fuel is there than a donut from Tim Hortons?

At least that's what happened with Canadian cyclist Alison Jackson on a recent race in Glasgow, Scotland, where she was given none other than a Tim Hortons donut.

The 34-year-old cyclist from rural Alberta participated in the 2023 UCI World Cycling Championship, which runs from August 3 to 13, when she was given a box of donuts from Tim Hortons during her race.

According to her Instagram, while she didn't place where she wanted, getting a little taste of home must have been a nice treat for the biker.

"Didn't have the legs today, but I simply LOVE RACING anyway! And this donut box hand-up was my favourite moment of the day," she wrote in the caption of her Instagram post.

"I LOVE all [of] you, my fans, out on course cheering my name," she added.

And this isn't the only time she's posted about her love of donuts or Tim Hortons. On August 9, she made a video featuring the Canadian chain.

In the video, you can see her googling boxes of donuts as well as pouring Timbits into her mouth from her water bottle. Add in the fact that she's dancing with Tim's donuts on her fingers. You really get the impression that she deeply loves the nectar of her homeland, even when away for a competition.

"Donut đŸ© mind me...I'm just the Canadian champ in Scotland attracting all the home-away-from-home maple-glazed treats," read the caption to the video.

Tim Hortons even replied in the comments saying, "The Timbits in the water bottle is the life hack we didn't know we needed."

And Jackson isn't the only elite athlete obsessed with Tim Hortons. An Albertan long-distance runner recently launched a campaign to bring back his beloved Walnut Crunch donut and has already run hundreds of kilometres to get Tims to keep the donut around.

Talk about dedication!

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