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Great White Sharks Are Loving Nova Scotia Right Now & Some Of Them Are Massive

An 11 foot, 1,264 pound shark named Maple was tagged off Nova Scotia's coast on September 14.

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Great White Sharks Are Loving Nova Scotia Right Now & Some Of Them Are Massive

There must be something in the water on the east coast because a lot of great white sharks are in Nova Scotia right now and some of them are so huge!

Ocearch, a non-profit shark research organization, is on an expedition in the waters off Nova Scotia until September 30 to learn more about the sharks that spend their summers and falls in Canadian waters.

According to Ocearch, this part of Canada is a "feeding aggregation" for great white sharks during the summer and fall before they head down south.

If you check out the organization's shark tracker and zoom in on Nova Scotia, you can really tell that's the case because there are at least nine great whites swimming around the province as of September 15.

You can spot Maple who's 11 feet long and 1,264 pounds, Ulysses who's 12 feet 4 inches and 990 pounds, and Sarah who's 9 feet long and 632 pounds. Those three sharks were all tagged by Ocearch for the first time off the coast of Nova Scotia on September 14.

Other sharks that are swimming around the province include Rose (10 feet 5 inches, 600 pounds), Bluenose (11 feet 7 inches, 737 pounds), Ironbound (12 feet 4 inches, 998 pounds), Scot (12 feet, 1,644 pounds), Hali (10 feet, 687 pounds), Sable (11 feet 6 inches, 807 pounds)!

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