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A Massive Great White Shark Was Tagged Off Nova Scotia & She's The 'Queen of the Ocean'

She weighs over 3000 pounds! 🦈
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Great White Shark In Nova Scotia Waters Is Being Called The Queen Of The Ocean

This is an enormous animal! A great white shark in Nova Scotia waters that was tagged recently is being called the "Queen of the Ocean."

OCEARCH, a non-profit organization focused on researching these giant animals, was able to tag, get samples from and then release this massive great white shark on October 2.

She has been named Nukumi which means grandmother in Mi'kmaq.

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3,541 lbs how much Nukumi weighs

Nukumi is a mature female shark that measures at 3,541 pounds and 17 feet 2 inches long.

She's around 50 years old and based on her age, it's possible that she's had up to 100 babies.

OCEARCH is also calling this shark "Queen of the Ocean."

In a video about this shark, expedition leader Chris Fischer said that she's "a proper, true matriarch of the ocean, a grandmother of sharks."

Nukumi is the largest great white that the organization has ever studied in the northwest Atlantic Ocean.

You can actually see where she and other sharks are in Atlantic Canada waters through OCEARCH's tracker.

Great whites are often swimming around in the ocean just off of the eastern provinces and people have had encounters with the sharks.

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