A Massive 13-Ft Great White Shark Is Swimming In Canadian Waters Right Now (PHOTO)

You can track this big fella as he swims in the Atlantic Ocean around Canada!

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A Massive 13-Ft Great White Shark Is Swimming In Canadian Waters Right Now (PHOTO)

There's a huge 13-foot great white shark swimming around Canadian waters right now, and you can track his journey as he moves through the Atlantic Ocean.

Shark research organization Ocearch shared on Twitter that Mahone, the largest male shark they've ever tagged in Canada, is swimming around in the Gulf of St. Lawrence near the Magdalen Islands.

Mahone, who is over 13 feet and 1,700 pounds, last pinged on November 3 near the Magdalen Islands and has been swimming around Nova Scotia since September.

If you want to see where he travels in Canadian waters and beyond, you can track his journey online.

This shark was tagged on October 1, 2020, near Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, and is named after Mahone Bay. Since then, he's been swimming off the southern coast of the province, in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, down to South Carolina and back again.

The waters around Nova Scotia and other Maritime provinces are a "feeding aggregation" for great whites and where they spend their summers and falls before heading down south.

Some huge sharks have been spotted in the region including a 3,541-pound one that's over 17 feet long and nicknamed "Queen of the Ocean."

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