Health Canada Is Recalling A Slew Of Hand Sanitizers & You Should Definitely Check Yours

19 products in total are affected.

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Health Canada Is Recalling A Slew Of Hand Sanitizers & You Should Definitely Check Yours

Health Canada has just issued a recall on 19 different hand sanitizers, so you'll probably want to make sure your products aren't on the list.

On Friday, October 8, the government agency issued a recall notice that includes products from four different companies.

Here's a breakdown of products that have either had their licence suspended by Health Canada or have been recalled by their company:

Canadian National Pharma Group Inc:

  • CN Pharma 80% Ethanol Hand Sanitizing Spray
  • Hand Sanitizer by CN Pharma
  • ShieldPlex

Dollarama L.P.:

  • MediCare Hand Sanitizer Group
  • MediCare Hand Sanitizer
  • #01-0102475 2pk Hand Cleanser
  • PUR Hand Cleaner
  • PUR Hand Cleanser
  • Pur Hand Sanitizer
  • Medicare Instant Hand Cleanser Spray with Aloe and Vitamin E Moisturizer
  • Scented Hand Cleanser Spray
  • Scented Hand Sanitizer Spray
  • MediCare Seasonal Hand Sanitizer
  • Canada Souvenir Hand Cleanser
  • Christmas Hand Cleanser
  • Easter Hand Cleanser
  • MediCare Unscented Hand Sanitizer

Luxe Decor Sales Ltd.:

  • Luxe Health Hand Sanitizer Gel (Ethyl Alcohol 74%)

Haywick Industries:

  • PURE75 gel

The products are being recalled for a variety of reasons, some of which include undeclared impurities or improper labelling.

Health Canada recommends that anyone who has any of the recalled hand sanitizers should stop using them immediately, return them to a local pharmacy for proper disposal and consult a health care professional if there are any concerns.

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