Here's What's Actually Worth Buying At The Dollar Store, According To Shoppers

Don't spend more at other stores!

The exterior of a Dollarama.

The exterior of a Dollarama.

With the price of just about everything skyrocketing these days due to inflation, many savvy shoppers are turning to Dollarama and other dollar stores for everyday necessities, like household products and groceries.

Over on Reddit on the threat r/frugal, one user asked, "What's actually worth buying at the dollar store?" and many chimed in with the items they prefer to buy from the low-cost retailer.

"Gift bags and special event cards! What a ripoff that these things are like $5+ at retail stores," wrote one person.

Another agreed, writing, "Cards are great at dollar stores! I usually hate giving cards, but there are some occasions where it is customary and dollar tree is a great place to get them, 2/$1."

As well, general holiday supplies seemed to be a common theme.

"I like to celebrate the holidays, but I don't want to spend a ton on extras that are just gonna get thrown away shortly (like wrapping paper & birthday balloons)," a user explained. "On average I get 5 bags worth of stuff for about $10."

If you tend to have guests over, this user's recommendation is pretty clever: "I buy the plastic food containers. Then if I give someone leftovers or take something to a party I don't have to worry that I won't get the container back."

Another noted that while you do need to pick through items carefully, there are some that they prefer buying at a dollar store, such as embroidery threads, knitting needles, handkerchiefs, decks of cards, pens, and craft-related items like googly eyes and pom poms.

Another noted you can grab deals on items that generally cost much more at other places.

"For example I just bought a dustbin for my car for a dollar where a similar item was $2.99+ at a grocery store," they explained.

Batteries appear to be a point of contention, with one Redditor saying they buy Alkaline AA & AAA batteries from the dollar store, with another saying, "Quality is significantly lower... a Duracell will last several months in my remotes while dollar store batteries last just over a week."

You can also find super specific speciality items at Dollarama that are good quality, but they appear to come and go.

"I haven't seen it since but Dollarama in Windsor, Ontario, Canada had re-furbished HD antennas for $3," wrote use Redditor. "I purchased one and got 8-10 channels in HD without too much fumbling around. It also picked up CBC Windsor if at the right angle, which the $15 HD antenna couldn't."

Now that's a bargain!

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