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A Canadian Recruiter Reveals How You Can Land Your Dream Job Using TikTok & Instagram

There are so many tips and tricks for job hunting on social media.

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How To Get A Job On TikTok & Instagram Was Revealed By Recruiter

You don't just have to search job boards for open positions when you're looking for work. If you want to try a different avenue, you can learn how to get a job on TikTok and Instagram.

Narcity chatted with Emily Durham, a senior recruiter at Intuit Canada, who uses social media to search for talent and share about her work life.

Here are her tips and tricks about hunting for work on social media that you need to know about.

Align Your Online Presence With Your Personal Brand

"There's definitely something to be said for making sure that your online presence aligns to your personal brand," Durham said.

You should be mindful of the things you're posting and make sure they're kind and appropriate.

She said not to lose sleep over having a photo on your Instagram of you drinking a beer, but everything you post should align with who you are and the employers you might want to work with.

"If you're not able to be your goofy self, or be your introverted self, your inquisitive self, is that a place that you want to be?" Durham said.

You should also make sure that your online presence is actually a presence, according to Durham. Your page should have a profile picture and at least a few posts or a recruiter might not respond to you.

Get Comfortable With Networking

Before you start thinking about reaching out to people on social media about jobs, Durham suggests getting "really comfortable" with networking.

That means understanding what you're looking for, what you what to learn from the person you're talking to, what questions to ask and what action items you want to leave the conversation with.

"Set yourself up for success by learning how to network and then just dive in," she said.

After you're comfortable, Durham noted that it's "completely appropriate to reach out to people on TikTok, on Instagram."

One way to find people who can help you in your job search is by following hashtags like "recruiter life" or "recruiters on TikTok."

Durham said she's connected with people at all stages of their careers who said they saw her on TikTok and asked to learn more about the jobs she shared, even if they weren't TikTokers themselves.

Create Content & Use Hashtags To Get Noticed

If you don't want to reach out to people, you can always get noticed by recruiters.

Durham said having a public-facing platform is a good way to build relationships with employers, so creating content is the first thing you should do.

You can post about your career interests, side projects you're working on that relate to your line of work or even just the banana bread you made that you want to show off.

She noted that using hashtags in your posts is key because recruiters like her are following the most popular ones.

"So much of getting found on social media, specifically from a recruiting perspective, comes from how you optimize your page," Durham said.

That means having keywords not just in your posts but in your bio too.

When she's recruiting for a position, she specifically searches for people who have keywords in their bios related to the job, and she'll find their profiles and then messages them on Instagram or LinkedIn if they look like a good fit.

Durham said "now is the time" to start creating online portfolios on TikTok, Instagram and even Twitter, because she believes there's going to be a boom in social media recruiting.

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