IKEA Canada Says Prices Have Gone Up This Year & Canadians Are Paying More For These Items

Furniture shopping has gotten more expensive. 💰

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An IKEA store in Ottawa. Right: An IKEA showroom.

An IKEA store in Ottawa. Right: An IKEA showroom.

If you've been feeling like a trip to your local IKEA has become more expensive over the last few months, you're not wrong.

IKEA Canada has not been immune to the impact of the economy over the last year, and, in an email to Narcity, the Swedish retailer confirmed that it has had to increase the price of some of their products.

Has IKEA Canada increased their prices?

In an email to Narcity, IKEA Canada confirmed that they have had to increase their prices by a "20% average" across their product range over the last calendar year.

"We are not immune to the macro-economic developments that businesses, retailers, and the public are currently facing," a representative from the company revealed.

These increases, according to their statement, are a product of rising costs of transportation and materials, as well as inflation and disruption caused by the war in Ukraine.

While the furniture retailer said that it cannot disclose any particular item or category that has been most impacted by the price increase, the spokesperson said that it has tried to protect the prices of "most-loved and lowest-priced products and product families."

However, a quick scan through the Internet Archive revealed just how much the costs of some of its best-selling products have increased.

One of the stalwarts of IKEA-dom is the drawer Malm which, right now, costs $179. However, according to the Internet Archive, on May 14, 2021, the same item cost only $119. That's a $60 increment.

And this is the case for a bunch of other popular IKEA items

The RÅSKOG utlity cart has gone up by $10 from August 2021 and the HEMNES 8-drawer dresser went from $299 in April 2021 to $399 now.

Even the ever-popular large KALLAX shelving unit has gone from $99 in November of last year to its current price of $119.

IKEA did not comment on any future price increases that might happen, but did say that their "aim is to maintain prices that are as low as possible given that affordability is a cornerstone of our business."

This move comes as recent research revealed that IKEA U.K. has hiked up prices by up to 80% due to rising transport and material costs.

IKEA Canada is not the only place out there where you'll feel the bite of the current economy. Grocery store prices have continued to rise over 10% since last year as inflation continues to be elevated.

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