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Canadian Paramedics Captured Jaw-Dropping Northern Lights During The Polar Vortex (PHOTOS)

These pictures will take your breath away. 👇🤩
Jaw-Dropping Northern Lights Were Captured By Canadian Paramedics During The Polar Vortex

While Canada is in the midst of a bone-chilling polar vortex, some paramedics in Saskatchewan managed to capture the northern lights seriously showing off up in the sky. 

La Ronge EMS shared the images that were taken by an off-duty staff member. 

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"The picture is located in La Ronge in Northern Saskatchewan, located at Big Stone Landing (Bigstone Lake) that flows into Lac La Ronge Lake through the Montreal River," they wrote in the comments. 

They went further to explain that "This was taken by a staff member that was not working and borrowed one of our spare units that was not out responding on calls. So no there [were] no patients in the ambulance at the time these amazing pictures were captured."

Meanwhile, Saskatchewan is under an extreme cold warning, similar to the rest of the Canadian Prairies, as the dreaded polar vortex sweeps from coast to coast. 

While it's certainly not ideal weather for outdoor adventures, you may want to step outside and take a look up in the sky if you're in the area.

Keep in mind, this type of cold is extremely dangerous and requires lots of warm layers and safety precautions. 

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