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Most of Canada is experiencing "dangerously" cold temperatures right now as the polar vortex sets in.  

A huge portion of the country is under extreme weather warnings on the morning of Monday, February 8 and temperatures are slated to dip as low as -50 C in places like Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and up north in the Territories. 

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According to The Weather Network, the frigid weather system will be hitting B.C.'s Lower Mainland later on Wednesday and into Thursday.

Meanwhile, the Prairies will be "blanketed" in the current freezing temperatures for days to some. 

Eastern Canada is expected to freeze over on Tuesday.

As for the Maritimes, it's predicted that the worst has passed.

This type of cold is extremely dangerous and skin can freeze within minutes of being outside. 

Environment Canada warns that "this prolonged cold snap is expected to persist into the weekend" in the Canadian Prairies so be sure to dress accordingly and stay safe out there! 

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