Job Hopping In Canada Is A Major Trend & Here's Where Workers Are Quitting The Most

What city do you think has the most 'loyal' workers?

A boardwalk on a sunny day.

A boardwalk on a sunny day.

Remember being in lockdown? Well, turns out that wasn't so good for Canada's economy or its employment landscape. According to a recent study by, while some Canadian cities are seeing workers nestle into long-term roles post-COVID-19, others are witnessing a very different trend, one that is playing out a bit more like musical chairs.

These are the top job hopping cities in Canada.

Data doesn't lie, folks, and the numbers say Vancouver and Montreal are Canada's top spots for job-hopping (Don't come for us loyal Vancouverites, we are but the messenger.)

Although both cities are brimming with opportunities and vibrant cultures, it seems neither can convince workers to stick around long-term.

To identify what cities had the greatest number of job-hoppers and loyal employees in Canada, analyzed LinkedIn data from their major cities. They classified "job-hoppers" as those with less than a year at their current job and "loyal" employees as those with over 10 years.

They then compared these numbers to the total employed LinkedIn users in each city and ranked them accordingly.

Here's how the top 9 Canadian cities ranked for job-hopping:

  1. Vancouver: 20.50%
  2. Montreal: 17.78%
  3. Calgary: 16.80%
  4. London: 15.71%
  5. Kitchener: 15.69%
  6. Windsor: 15.52%
  7. Toronto: 15.29%
  8. Halifax: 14.86%
  9. Kelowna: 14.29%

Now, you might wonder if this is linked to the "Great Resignation", that post-COVID-19 wave in 2021 when workers around the world bid adieu to their positions. But interestingly, Canada bucked that trend. Job departures in the country dipped in 2020 and 2021, and by February 2022, the numbers still trailed those of pre-lockdown times.

So, what's tempting Vancouver's workforce then? Turning one's gaze to the city's booming film and tech industries might provide some clues. The latter reportedly grows by around 6% year-over-year, stirring up a pool of around 75,000 tech professionals to seek greener pastures. Meanwhile, the film industry a "crucial employer" in the city is known for hiring temporary workers.

But, not every big city in the country is a dog-eat-dog world. A quarter of Ottawa's workforce has been with their current employer for over ten years, so if you want a long-term relationship, the nation's capital may be a good place to start.

Kanata, a suburb west of Ottawa is another noteworthy location for employee loyalty. It secured the second-place spot in Canada. Given that it's technically part of Ottawa, it's as if the city clinched both the top two positions.

Although, the nation's capital is not without fault; Ottawa's annual turnover rate sits at 17.22%, trailing closely behind Vancouver and Montreal.

In conclusion, whether you're in Vancouver, eagerly eyeing that new tech startup, or in Ottawa, chilling, Canada's job market is in constant motion. And as we navigate this fluid world of employment, one thing's for sure – Canadian workers aren't settling for less.

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Patrick John Gilson
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