Johnny Depp Got Called Out For His Accent & Howard Stern Says He's 'Overacting' In Court

"He’s writing his own material as he goes along."

Howard Stern. Right: Johnny Depp.
Global Staff Writer

Howard Stern. Right: Johnny Depp.

Radio host Howard Stern has been watching the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard defamation trial along with the rest of us, and it sounds like he's not a fan of what he's seen so far.

The shock jock ripped into Depp on an episode of The Howard Stern Show this week, when he referred to the Pirates of the Caribbean actor as a "huge narcissist" who was "overacting" during his testimony.

“I think Johnny Depp is a huge narcissist and what I mean by that is — he figured, ‘I’ll put this on TV and because I’m so persuasive and because I’m so smart, I’m such a wonderful guy,'” Stern said during the show. “He’s so overacting. He’s writing his own material as he goes along," he continued.

Court TV said earlier this month that it was behind plans to televise the proceedings from the courtroom in Virginia.

Stern also criticized the way that Depp spoke when he described how Heard allegedly left poop on his bed.

“First of all, his difficulty in speaking the English language is fantastic," Stern said. "And the accent. First of all, isn’t he from like the South of the Midwest? Johnny Depp was born in Kentucky. Does that sound like a guy from Kentucky?”

Both actors have accused each other of various forms of abuse, and the trial has ignited some passionate feelings from both of their fanbases. It's also generated plenty of nasty feelings toward each them, as Stern hinted at on his show.

"It’s not going well for you, it’s not going well for her. It’s not going well for anybody. You sound like two battling children," he said, according to Variety.

Depp and Heard are suing each other for defamation in the wake of a fight-filled marriage that ran from 2015 until 2016. Depp claims that Heard smeared him with a 2018 Washington Post op-ed in which she said she was a victim of domestic abuse.

Depp is seeking $50 million while Heard is counter-suing for $100 million.

Depp wrapped up his testimony and cross-examination this week.

Heard is expected to take the stand later in the trial.

Cata Balzano
Global Staff Writer