Trudeau Went Off On The Bloc Leader For Playing 'Dangerous Games Around Intolerance'

The PM was floored.
Justin Trudeau Went Off On Bloc Leader For Playing 'Dangerous Games Around Intolerance'
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After comments made earlier in the week, Justin Trudeau went off on the Bloc Québécois leader for playing what he said are "dangerous games around intolerance."

While speaking on January 15, he was asked about the insinuations Yves-François Blanchet made about Omar Alghabra, the federal government's new minister of transport.

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I was absolutely floored to see a federal party leader use insinuations and carefully coded questions. Justin Trudeau

Trudeau said that he was "absolutely floored" to see a leader of a federal party make insinuations and use "carefully coded questions."

He noted that it was especially shocking because it was a week after the U.S. Capitol riot, which showed what happens when leaders "play these dangerous games around intolerance and hate."

In a statement about the recent cabinet shuffle, Blanchet said he was raising questions, but not making accusations, about Alghabra's ties to a "political Islamic movement."

Trudeau said it's "ridiculous" for the Bloc leader to try and innocently say that he was just asking questions.

"That kind of political pandering to the worst elements and to fears and anxieties has no place in Canada," he said.

Alghabra told The Canadian Press that he was disappointed by what happened and the attempt to "create divisions."

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