Keanu Reeves Showed Up At A Stranger's Wedding & Even Posed For Pics With The Bride (PHOTOS)

He accepted a totally random invite! 🤩

Keanu Reeves poses with James and Nikki Roadnight.
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Keanu Reeves poses with James and Nikki Roadnight.

Talk about a special guest! Canadian icon Keanu Reeves recently gave one couple a weekend to remember, after unexpectedly showing up at their wedding reception.

Last weekend, James and Nikki Roadnight tied the knot at the Fawsley Hall hotel in Northamptonshire, England.

According to Newsweek, James Roadnight was hanging out in the hotel bar area before the wedding reception when he spotted Reeves — who is famously friendly — there too.

The newlyweds say they invited Reeves to the evening reception later that same day and he promised that he'd stop by to share his congratulations. And, he did!

The John Wick and The Matrix star later made an appearance at the wedding and took a moment to pose for some pictures with the couple and their photographer. He even did the rounds and chatted with their guests.

Sharing some of the pictures on Twitter, Nikki Roadnight described having "the most amazing weekend," and added the hashtags #married, #dreamwedding and #keanureeves.

In another tweet, Mrs Roadnight described the Canadian actor as "just the best!!!!!"

Reeves has a reputation for being a nice guy and has even made an unexpected appearance at a wedding before.

A report from The Independent says he photobombed a marriage ceremony in New York back in 2018, and a picture of him with the new husband and wife was posted online by the groom's kilt designer.

The Speed and Point Break actor also made headlines earlier this year after an extremely wholesome conversation between him and a young fan went viral.

So, if you see Keanu out and about, maybe consider inviting him to any upcoming events you're attending. You never know, he might just show up!

Helena Hanson
Senior Editor
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