7 Recent UFO Sightings In Nevada That'll Keep You Up At Night

It might be a good time to bust out the tinfoil hats.
7 UFO Sightings In Nevada That Are Totally Creepy

If you love binge-watching Ancient Aliens , these chilling real-life encounters will leave you searching the skies. These UFO sightings in Nevada are totally creepy, and there are thousands of documented experiences. The proof is out there, and after reading these, you might want to try to catch your own "alien" footage.

From speeding lights and white orbs, these wild stories on the National UFO Reporting Center website will fill you with wonder.

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Are these otherworldly beings trying to check in on Earth, or is something more terrifying going on?

While the X-Files might have been a guilty pleasure back in the day, maybe the premise isn't that far off, after all.

Flashing Lights

Chill Factor: 8/10

Description: On the morning of June 28, this eyewitness in North Las Vegas saw several "white orbs" flying at high speeds before they formed a "triangle" and disappeared.


Drill Patterns

Chill Factor: 9/10

Description: A sighting in Reno reported that four unidentified flying objects were making a spectacle by indulging in "tight turns and moving very quickly in uniform movements."


Lightning Quick

Chill Factor: 6/10

Description: While trying to watch a lightning storm in Las Vegas, a witness spotted four orange objects shoot past his right side at a speed too fast for any plane or human-made object. Was it Superman?


Planetary Confusion

Chill Factor: 8/10

Description: A Mojave Desert homeowner says he is familiar with the planes and drones of a nearby military base. And so he reported a planet-like orb that he initially thought was Jupiter "moving in a straight line" similar to a jet but without the tell-tale "airplane lights."


Short & Sweet

Chill Factor: 4/10

Description: As the morning of July 13 dawned, a brief report was entered in the NUFORC database that told of a 15-second encounter in Reno with an object that "moved faster than any plane."


Comet, Comet Burning Bright

Chill Factor: 12/10

Description: On July 3, a Las Vegas eyewitness reported an extremely bright object falling toward the ground, "similar to a meteorite or comet" before it "appeared to be standing still in the sky." Who had their money on an alien invasion for July 2020?


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