Lil' Wayne Thought Drake's Last Name Was 'Rogers' & It's All Because Of The Internet Company

"Rogers is the service provider in Canada." 💀

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Drake. Right: Lil Wayne.

Drake. Right: Lil Wayne.

Drake just cleared up the reason behind Lil Wayne calling him "Drizzy DrakeRogers" and in an unexpected plot twist, it involves one of Canada's telecommunication giants.

The Toronto rapper recently sat down with his friend Lil Yachty on his FUTUREMOOD YouTube channel where they got into the origin of the lyric.

When asked if people call him "Drake Drizzy Rogers," the rapper, née Aubrey Graham, said "not really."

He then launched into the anecdote of how Lil' Wayne came to believe that was his name and it all has to do with the email address he used at the time, which was ""

"Rogers is the service provider in Canada and then he thought that — he didn't realize—" said Drake, before Lil' Yachty interrupted him to clarify who he was talking about.

"Wayne," Drake responded. "Wayne thought that — he didn’t realize at that time that the @ in the email was like a middle interference."

"Yeah, so he just thought my name was Drizzy Drake Rogers," he shared.

"And he just kept that?" asked Lil' Yachty.

"I mean, he rapped it once, and I just didn't have the heart to correct him," Drake explained.

"That's pretty sick," said Lil' Yachty of the incident.

For those unfamiliar, on the track "Ransom" featuring Lil' Wayne, here's what the rapper says:

“And I just sold a lot of property to a buyer/ And I think his name was kinda like Drake Drizzy Rogers/ Or Drizzy Drake Rogers, I’m too busy to play father/ And when it comes to the game, I’m too willing to play harder."

And there you have it, folks — the true story of how Rogers Communications ended up in a Drake track. Go figure!

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