Loblaws Is Under Fire For A No Name Bag Of Chips With A Serious Flaw Exposed On TikTok

The grocer is investigating and issued a statement about the video. 👀

The aisles of a grocery store in Toronto, Ontario.

The aisles of a grocery store in Toronto, Ontario.

Loblaws and its supposedly cheaper grocery store chain No Frills are facing another wave of public frustration after a TikTok video exposed quite a glaring problem with a particular bag of No Name chips.

For many, the now-viral No Name chip bag is just another example of the high cost of living in Canada right now and it has even resulted in a response from the Canadian grocery store giant itself.

But before we get there, let's go through what exactly happened in this video and why it has gotten so much attention.

First posted Monday by @joceforce on TikTok, the video shows what looks to be an unopened 200g bag of No Name chips being placed on a kitchen scale.

The big problem is that the number the scale displays is nowhere near the advertised weight of the bag.

"Shopping at the cheapest store, buying the cheapest brands so I can keep living indoors...." reads the text in the video. "And you're stealing half my darn chips?"

The scale itself displays the weight of the No Name bag of chips to be just over 100 grams.


Thanks @Lowblawscanada @nonamebrands @No Frills for making life harder when its already rough, as you do. I hope you’re enjoying your billions #eattherich

"Thanks @Lowblawscanada @nonamebrands @No Frills for making life harder when its already rough, as you do," reads the caption of the video. "I hope you’re enjoying your billions #eattherich."

In its first two days on TikTok, this video has been viewed almost 300,000 times, and here's what Loblaws had to say about it:

"The product as pictured absolutely does not live up to our standards," said a spokesperson for Loblaw Public Relations in an emailed statement to Narcity. "We’ve reached out to the customer for more information so that we can look into it and figure out what happened."

While we all may have opened a bag of chips filled with a bit more air than we might like, the grocery store chain has classified the incident as a potential one-off.

"Our no name satisfaction guarantee allows customers to return or exchange (if they don’t have the receipt) any products that don’t meet their expectations," the spokesperson continued.

Along with the grocery store's response to the video, it's worth noting, that "in general, it is not acceptable to under-fill a container with a product," according to the Canada Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

But of course, in the comments, people have made their own conclusions, with many people sharing their own experiences with shrinkflation in Canada.

"This is the second video I’ve seen now with no name like this," one user wrote, while another said, "They did this with their frozen fruit too."

Others, desperate to know if this is part of an ongoing trend, pleaded with the Tiktoker user to test this theory on more items.

"Oh goodness please make this a series with other foods!!!" wrote another user.

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But couponing or not, no one wants to open a half-empty bag of chips.

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