McDonald's 'Adult Happy Meals' Are Sold Out & Some Are Going For Thousands Online

Nostalgia comes at a price!

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McDonald's happy meal toy from eBay. Right: McDonald's sign.

McDonald's happy meal toy from eBay. Right: McDonald's sign.

McDonald's recently gave lucky U.S. customers a chance to relive their childhoods with a limited-time "adult Happy Meal," and while that promo is over, the race to get a piece of it has only just begun.

Earlier this month, the fast food restaurant rolled out its "Cactus Plant Flea Market" meal, featuring toys reminiscent of the ones that many of us grew up with. Now, customers who were lucky enough to grab the old-school treasures are selling the "rare" and "vintage" pieces online, some for a hefty profit.

McDonald's partnered with Cactus Plant Flea Market for the limited-edition toys of Hamburglar, Birdie, Grimace and "Cactus Buddy!" on October 3.

Not surprisingly, the hot ticket items sold out fast and it clearly didn't take long for them to appear on resell sites.

While some eBay sellers are offering the figurines for a decent price of US $4.99 (shipping not included) others are trying to make a buck off the statues at $74.99 a piece.

The most ridiculous price point so far has been $300,000 for the unopened toys. And yes, that is the correct amount of zeroes.

After a search on Grailed, the top asking price for the full kit is $39,999, which is down 10% from the original asking price of $44,444. What a deal!

The toys are also hot commodities on Facebook, where some people are selling a set for $50. Others are trying to hammer out deals as they look to complete their collection.

"You don’t happen to have extra to sell individually I’m assuming right?😞 just need Birdie and Hamburglar," one person wrote.

"Those are the rarest of the two out of the four. So you would be looking at about $45 for both," the seller responded.

If you didn't get your hands on a toy, McDonald's also brought back the iconic Halloween buckets with its Happy Meals until the end of the month in the U.S.

They'll be coming to Canada too, but only for a few days. McDonald's confirmed to Narcity that the spooky buckets will be sold from October 28 to 31.

So if you want a Halloween bucket, you'd better grab them quick before they sell out too. Otherwise, be prepared to open up your wallet if you act too late!

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Asymina Kantorowicz
Associate Editor, Global
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