McDonald's Canada Just Revealed 3 Dessert Hacks & They Look Genuinely Drool-Worthy (VIDEO)

Try all three? 🍦

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A McDonald's arch in Richmond, BC. Right: An apple pie + hot caramel sundae.

A McDonald's arch in Richmond, BC. Right: An apple pie + hot caramel sundae.

Hungry for something sweet? McDonald's Canada just shared a number of dessert hacks on social media and the concoctions might just blow your mind.

They posted three hacks onto their Twitter page on October 18 and each one looks like something that you need to try as soon as possible.

What are you waiting for?!

Hot caramel sundae and baked apple pie

The first DIY hack they show in the short video is a treat reminiscent of pie a la mode.

All you need to do for this one is order yourself a hot caramel sundae and an apple pie, break apart that pie and add it to your sundae.

With that, you've got a delicious treat that really packs in all those comforting, fall flavours.

Just be sure to wait until your apply pie has cooled down before breaking into it!

A McFlurry with a chocolate chunk cookie

A McDonald's dessert hack with a cookie and McFlurry.

A McDonald's dessert hack with a cookie and McFlurry.

McDonald's | Twitter

Next up is a similarly decadent treat that combines two childhood favourites — smarties and chocolate chip cookies.

To make this snack, order a Smarties McFlurry as well as a Chocolate Chunk RMHC Cookie.

Add chunks of that cookie to your ice cream and feast away. It's really hard to beat that marriage of flavours and textures.

Iced coffee and a vanilla cone

A McDonald's coffee with ice cream.

A McDonald's coffee with ice cream.

McDonald's | Twitter

The final item that McDonald's concocted is pretty genius..

We've all had coffee with milk or cream and sugar. But what about coffee and ice cream?

While it may be an indulgent way to start the day, it's definitely worth trying.

To make this, all you need to do is order an iced coffee and a vanilla cone.

Once you got them, dunk that soft serve in your java, give it a mix and get on a one-way train to sipsville.

Of course, if you do want to try these hacks, save the McDonald's employee the trouble and assemble it yourself.

And, if these dessert options aren't your bag, there are some "secret" McDonald's menu items such as the Baba Boobey burger or the DLM to try instead.

Just make sure that when you're ordering, you're not doing anything to make the employees hate you.


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