Camila Cabello Sang A Heartbreaking Song On TikTok & Fans Think It's About Shawn Mendes

She was in Miami this weekend. Shawn was there last weekend. 👀

Camila Cabello singing a song on TikTok. Right: Camila Cabello and ex Shawn Mendes.
Florida Associate Editor

Camila Cabello singing a song on TikTok. Right: Camila Cabello and ex Shawn Mendes.

Camila Cabello has been booked and busy lately: from spending time with her new man in Los Angeles to flying back to Miami for a Bad Bunny concert. But in between it all, on a plane to Florida, Cabello hopped on a recent TikTok trend of duetting creator @katiegregsonmacleod's original song with fresh lyrics that fans think are about Shawn Mendes.

The pop star posted to TikTok Friday, August 12 and wrote in her caption that she loved this ballad so much that she had to come up with her own version of it while on the plane.

"I need him like water. I joke that he's alright. I won't tell my friends I slept over for three nights." She continues, "I need him like water. I joke that he's alright. I'm a f*ing coward. I just want a good life."


#dúo con @katiegregsonmacleod #Duet i love the original so much i was inspired on the plane and wrote my own version

Since it was posted, the video has gathered 1.6 million views and you bet fans have been wondering who the inspiration was behind each sentence. A lot of signs pointed towards her ex, Mendes, especially now that she's with dating app creator, Austin Kevitch.

One fan commented that it's "the Pisces in her is afraid of falling in love again, but she can't help it anyway 💔💔 also probably her ocd making it hard too 😭😭".

Another person tagged Mendes in the post, while others commented how emotional it was for her to share about heartbreak.

Someone flat out wrote, "SOMEBODY SEND THIS TO SHAWN".

Mendes was in Miami, FL not too long ago celebrating his birthday, on August 8.

They just missed each other, as Cabello was in the Sunshine State and went to see Bad Bunny with her friends.

Bad Bunny was in the Magic City for two nights and Cabello went to his Saturday night, August 13 show. Though new boyfriend Kevitch wasn't anywhere to be found, Cabello was seen dancing the night away,

Shawn Mendes posted that he was in New York this weekend.

Regardless of Camila's inspiration for her take on the heartwrenching TikTok duet, safe to say it hit home for fans.

Jenna Kelley
Florida Associate Editor
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