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Kamala Harris’ Canadian High School Just Had The Sweetest Message For The New VP (VIDEO)

"Someone from my high school actually made it to the White House."
Kamala Harris’ Canadian High School Just Had The Sweetest Message For The New VP (VIDEO)

It's sometimes hard to believe that the first-ever female vice president in U.S history was once just a regular high school student in Canada.

But that's the case for Vice President-elect Kamala Harris who will be inaugurated today and take her place alongside President-elect Joe Biden as leaders of their country.

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What better way to make this a full-circle moment than by having her former high school in Montreal leave her a heartwarming message before she makes history? That's exactly what happened.

Students and staff at Westmount High in Montreal, Quebec came together to create a five-minute-long video on Youtube to congratulate their alumna and send her off with well-wishes.

In the documentary-style video students and staff were asked how they felt about Harris once attending the school and they had some beautiful words in return.

"I honestly think it's super inspiring," one student said. "Someone who is in the same position that I am in [...] moving on to doing such an amazing thing."

"Someone from my high school actually made it to the White House," another shared.

A guidance counsellor also said that she is proud to have Harris as a role model for their students so that they "can look back at this moment and know that they will read about her in their history books." 

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