Netflix's First Gay Rom-Com Is Out & It Has Jocelyn From 'Schitt's Creek' In It

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Netflix's First Gay Rom-Com Is Out & It Has Jocelyn From Schitt's Creek In It

Jennifer Robertson, who plays the role of Jocelyn in the legendary show Schitt's Creek, is now in the new Netflix Christmas movie, called Single All The Way.

The Christmas movie is classically cute, telling the story of Peter, a perpetually single man living in L.A., who goes home for Christmas with his best friend and roommate.

When he goes home to New Hampshire for the holidays, his journey to find love evolves. Don't worry, I won't spoil anything!

Jennifer Robertson plays Peters's sister, Lisa, who is pushing him to find the right guy.

The movie is uplifting and the perfect watch for a cozy winter night by the fire. It is also making history as the first gay rom-com on Netflix.

Narcity interviewed Robertson, and she talked about why she's excited for people to see the movie, and about her life growing up in Vancouver, B.C.

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"I just can't wait for people to see for a funny, family holiday movie that also happens to be Netflix's first gay rom-com,” she said in the interview.

The movie is full of laughs, cute family dynamics, and a steamy romance or two. Exactly the kind of thing we love to see during the holidays — someone else's embarrassing family to distract us from our own.

“It's so normalized in this family, it's not a coming-out story. We just want our perpetual single brother/son to find someone," she added.

After becoming well known for her role in Schitt's Creek, and Ellen in Ginny & Georgia, seeing her in this new part is super fun.

Morgan Leet
Morgan Leet is a Senior Editor for Narcity Media based in Vancouver, B.C.