A New Best Cities In Canada For Students Ranking Reveals Where You Should Live While Studying

Cities in every province were ranked based of student life, academic excellence and more. 📚

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​Université de Sherbrooke students on campus. Right: Queen's University campus in Kingston.

Université de Sherbrooke students on campus. Right: Queen's University campus in Kingston.

The best cities in Canada for students this year have been revealed, and one place has moved up to take over the top spot!

HelloSafe, an insurance and personal finance products comparison site, just released a new ranking of the best student cities in Canada for 2023 that's based on student life, academic excellence, quality of life and more.

With every province represented, there were 47 cities in Canada competing for the top spot and the winner from the last ranking in 2021 got dethroned this year.

Kingston, Ontario, is officially the ranking's new best student city in Canada for 2023.

It beat out Sherbrooke, Quebec, which topped the ranking back in 2021 but has now slipped down to the fourth spot overall.

According to HelloSafe, Kingston being in first place might be surprising to some people, but it has "a diverse set of strengths," making it an ideal place for students.

Those strengths include the academic excellence of Queen's University, the school's "accessible" tuition fees, dynamic student life in the city and easy access to nature.

Montreal is in second place with this ranking, followed by Vancouver in third, Sherbrooke in fourth and Calgary in fifth.

Edmonton, Quebec City, St. John's, Hamilton and Toronto are the rest of the Canadian cities in the top 10.

When it comes to which cities ranked highly in the specific categories that HelloSafe looked at, Montreal takes the top spot for the quality of academics at universities in the city.

Also, Montreal, Toronto and Edmonton are the cities with the best student life based on how many students, cultural offerings and leisure places (like bars, cafés and nightclubs) are in the city.

While Sherbrooke was dethroned this year in the overall ranking, it is the best Canadian city for students in the quality of life category because of housing accessibility, air quality, climate, access to nature and more.

Ottawa takes the top spot for "attractiveness" since the city has employment opportunities and access to a transportation network, among other factors.

If you're not just looking at places for what they offer students but are also looking toward the future, the best cities in Canada for job opportunities and affordable property, for getting rich and for raising a family were recently ranked.

To help with affordability, students in Canada can get money from the federal government, including doubled student grants, a student loan repayment tax credit and a benefit to help pay for post-secondary education.

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