It's the final 24 hours for Amazon Prime Day, and while there will be plenty of people looking for deals, Jagmeet Singh wants to remind them of the immense wealth the company holds.

On top of that, he tweeted that the online giant pays nothing in Canadian taxes.

He also took the chance to call Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos a "'prime' example of a pandemic profiteer."

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This particular phrase echoes a statement the NDP leader made previously about how companies like Amazon and Netflix are profiting off the pandemic, much like some companies did during times of war. 

He concluded his tweet by writing, "It's time the ultra-rich pay their fair share."

During an October 8 press conference, Singh said that his party had proposed a temporary tax on excess profits, citing similar actions Canada had taken in the past.

He also said that Amazon had seen its profits increase by $100 billion since March of this year.

In a previous tweet, he had claimed that Netflix pays $0 in Canadian taxes, and that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was to blame.

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