Michael Scott needs to hand out a Dundie for this Toronto bride's The Office wedding entrance.

Alexandra Turban made an unforgettable bridal debut earlier this week when she walked down the aisle to The Office's iconic theme song. 

The bride told Narcity that when her original, larger wedding was cancelled due to COVID, she wanted to do something special during the smaller ceremony.

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Since her husband is a huge fan of The Office, Turban decided to pay a special tribute to the show. 

The bride made her entrance with a piano rendition of the show's theme song.

This was a complete surprise to her guests and husband, who had no idea the tune was being used.

"Surprised the biggest Office fan ever by walking down the aisle to the piano version of the theme song," Turban wrote in her Instagram story.

Move over Pam and Jim, because this couple might steal the show for the most iconic Office wedding ever!

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