Shots have been fired! SNL’s Canada sketch aired on October 17 and our love for Drake, Schitt’s Creek and CBC News got totally trolled.

In a brand new skit, Saturday Night Live went above-and-beyond to poke fun at Canada, and at Quebec in particular.

As part of the segment, the comedians pretended to host a French-Canadian news show called “Bonjour-Hi.”

The skit is available to watch on the Global TV website.

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After a reference to CBC News and Schitt’s Creek, the five-minute clip made fun of all sorts of iconic Canadian things — including Montreal bagels, Degrassi: The Next Generation and more.

The faux-Canadian news channel also featured a segment called “Drake Watch,” during which host Issa Rae pretended to search for the rapper in Toronto.

While she was unsuccessful in her hunt, another host pretended to scream at a guest for saying that the 6ix rapper had “fallen off recently.”

To round off the Canada-centric SNL episode, Jim Carrey returned to star as U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Justin Bieber also made an appearance as the musical guest of the night.

We’ll forgive you this time, SNL!

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