Ontario Has A Secret 'Blue Lagoon' Swimming Hole & You Can Splash By Cascading Waterfalls

It's the perfect natural swimming spot.

​A person swims at Paradise Lagoon. Right: A person by the water at the lagoon.

A person swims at Paradise Lagoon. Right: A person by the water at the lagoon.

For the perfect place to cool off this summer, look no further than this secluded natural swimming hole in Ontario found off the beaten path.

Located in Northeastern Ontario, Paradise Lagoon is a bucket list-worthy swimming hole with a waterfall perfect for taking a dip.

Found just outside of Sudbury, the waters of the swimming basin come from the Chiniguchi River.

The river, which is near Wanapitei Provincial Park, runs through the Wolf Lake Forest Reserve and down several cataracts into the lagoon, which is known as the "Blue Lagoon" to locals.

The lagoon offers a dreamy spot to swim, as well as the perfect place for some gorgeous photo ops.

The beautiful lagoon is surrounded by steep rock walls of granite and quartz. While it can appear darker, the lagoon's waters have often been described as having a turquoise or "Windex"-like colour by those who venture to the swimming hole.

You'll likely find fewer crowds at Paradise Lagoon compared to other popular swimming holes in Ontario because of its secluded and almost hidden location.

You can get here by canoe or hike. The terrain can be a bit rugged and isn't well-marked. The road is not maintained so use caution if you are accessing the lagoon by hike and car. However, a handy guide for visiting put together by Backroads Bill Steer, a professor at Canadore College and Nipissing University, lays out exact details for reaching the swimming spot, including a handy video showing you how to reach the lagoon by hike.

If you plan on visiting the lagoon, be sure to respect the environment by picking up after yourself and leaving no trace of your visit.

Get ready to take in the stunning beauty of this hidden natural lagoon this summer.

Paradise Lagoon

Price: Free to visit

Location: Sudbury, ON

Why You Need To Go: You can swim in this secluded lagoon with brilliant blue water this summer away from the crowds.

Paradise Lagoon website

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Katherine Caspersz
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