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An Esso gas station

An Esso gas station

Ontario gas prices aren't fun to think about, but giving them even a minute of precious brain power allows most of us to avoid paying up the wazoo, which is nice.

According to Dan McTeague, gas analyst and president of Canadians for Affordable Energy, prices are set to rise by three cents on Saturday, forcing the residents of cities like Toronto, Ottawa, Windsor, and Niagara to pay a dismal 165.9 cents per litre this weekend.

The increase would follow today's two-cent hike, a move that effectively killed the 160.9 cents per litre high (or low) we were all riding on Thursday. Man, those were the days.

Two spots expected to dodge Saturday's spike are Cornwall (160.9/litre) and Peterborough (162.6/litre), setting the cities up to once again offer the cheapest gas in the province.

Barrie and London will also squeak in some savings, with their pumps expected to offer gas at 164.9 cents per litre. So, one-cent cheaper than the rest of the province. Hooray?

Sudbury could record no change as well. A prophecy that, if it comes true, will allow its drivers to pay a mere (lol) 172.3 cents per litre.

Bummed about gas? Want to know how to save more?

McTeague recommends holding off until Saturday night to fuel up — weekend evenings see gas bars lose some of their retail margins for a few hours.

"Many stations part with some of their 7-9 cent a litre retail margin, which is included in the price, to attract more volumes of sales when traffic slows down," he told Narcity.

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