An Ontario TikToker Says Air Canada 'Wrongfully' Donated Her Lost Luggage To Charity (VIDEO)

She had been trying to track down her bag for months.

Ontario Editor
Nakita Rees. Right: An Air Canada plane at Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Nakita Rees. Right: An Air Canada plane at Toronto Pearson International Airport.

An Ontario traveller has gone viral on TikTok for a wild story involving one of her bags that was lost on an Air Canada flight back from Greece.

In a series of three videos, Nakita Rees explains how her bag was lost by the airline and details her numerous attempts to get it back over several months, only for it to end up apparently being "wrongfully" donated to a charity.

Her combined videos now have over 1.5 million views and counting.

Nakita and her husband arrived back in Montreal four months ago after their honeymoon and had to re-check their bags for their flight from Montreal to Toronto, where her husband's bag never wound up.

Using an Apple Airtag, she said they were able to see the bag went from the Montreal airport to a nearby processing facility before it was eventually driven out to Etobicoke, where she says it sat for three months in a storage facility with what, according to her, were likely with other lost bags — all without any update from Air Canada.

She did, however, receive some compensation for what she said was "a quarter of the value of her husband's missing clothes" via an e-transfer.

Eventually, Nakita filed a police report in an attempt to get answers.

"Our luggage was donated to a charity on behalf of Air Canada because they deemed it lost," she said in her latest video, posted on Saturday.


@Air Canada wrongfully donated my luggage after less then 30 days to a charity WITHOUT my knowledge of consent. You do not own this property and therefore can not donate it. @cp24breakingnews @ctvnews @Celine Dion #lostluggageissues #lostluggagereport #aircanadaairlines

"The public storage facility is owned by this charity, which we can't get the name of until we buy this police report, which we're going to do," she said. "Cops are unimpressed with how Air Canada is handling this."

Narcity contacted the Toronto Police Service (TPS) who would not confirm whether Nakita was one of the complainants but did say they "have received a few complaints of that nature."

Nakita explained that inside of this storage facility, police said hundreds of other bags were located which contained phones, laptops, and GPS devices, just like hers, that continued beeping.

How this all unfolded has clearly left her confused and frustrated, as Nakita explains numerous times in her videos that she never received any update from the airline on the status of her bag and makes it clear that this apparent donation was also never communicated to her.

Nakita said she's been unable to find a policy that states Air Canada is legally able to donate her bags if they were lost for a certain length of time.

"This is wrong and this is criminal," she said, encouraging others in a similar position to speak up so something like this can be prevented in the future. "They will not do anything and they will not change unless enough people start spreading the word."

Narcity has reached out to Air Canada for a statement on this situation but they did not respond before publication.

Stuart McGinn
Ontario Editor
Stuart McGinn is Narcity’s Ontario Editor and focuses mainly on covering major provincial and local news stories across the province. Stuart is from Ottawa and is now based in Toronto.
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