If you’ve been turning the internet upside down for ways to break that cabin fever, but don’t have the funds for anything extravagant, you’re not alone. But good news is here, and it's ready to whisk you off into the clouds on a super cheap flight to Florida! Several airlines are offering super-cheap tickets to many Florida cities for the rest of the month, so if you needed an excuse for a vacation, now's the time to snag them while you can.

A quick search for a five-day stay for the end of July to Orlando, Miami, and Tampa leaves you with quite a few options. Flying in from cities on the east coast, you could hop on a Spirit, Delta, or Frontier flight and be off to The Sunshine State on the cheap.

While you’ll probably have to pack the bare essentials for all of these airlines if you're not looking to pay for a checked bag, the prices can certainly be worth a little wardrobe wiggle room.

For Spirit Airlines, you could escape from Atlanta to Miami for as little as $25.19 one way. If you miss that particular deal, there are still several flights available at the end of the month starting between $25.19 and $49.68.

Frontier could have you out of NYC and in The City Beautiful by the end of the month for as little as $118 round trip.

The downside to Frontier is that they only take to the skies on certain days of the week, but if your schedule is flexible, then you’re good to go.

You can hop on a Delta flight and arrive in Tampa from Fort Worth for $157 round trip at the end of July. There are also several flights available for under $200, so long as you don’t mind flying basic.

So stuff that carryon, don’t forget your mask, and take a quick trip to The Sunshine State without breaking the bank!