Colder weather is finally headed to Florida this week, even dropping temperatures lower than Colorado’s forecast.

The week is set to start off wet and rainy in The Sunshine State, but afterward, temps are forecasted to drop into the refreshing 70-degree range, even hitting the 60s at night.

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Low of 61 Wednesday night

While the peak of the day may still see temps rise into the 80s, the general 70-degree range over the week will actually feel cooler than Colorado.

The Centennial State is forecasted to hover around the low 80-degree range all week.

With no clouds in sight and a heat index of 6 to 10, the “feels like” temp could even climb higher.

Fox 35 Weather reported that once the rain clears, cool, dry air will be sweeping over Central Florida and really bring those fall vibes with it.

Gusty winds and lower humidity throughout the rest of the week will also cool things down a bit.

Florida may not be officially in sweater weather territory yet, but this week will be a nice reprieve, and even feel colder than the northern states!

Via National Weather Service